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Analytical Testing Services


Analytical testing services deal with a wide variety of chemical and microbiological tests. In addition, analytical testing laboratory services. It includes way expansion and validation. In addition examines reformulations of final medical products for IND, NDA and ANDA presentations. NorthEast BioLab provides advanced laboratory services to help you identify, measure and analyze the performance of your medications or personal care products.

What is Analytical Testing?

What is Analytical Testing_

Method Development for Sample Analysis

Firstly, Analytical testing services provide a specific and sensitive evaluation of chemical compounds or biopharmaceutical materials. Demand for analytical testing services is growing across a broad spectrum of industry verticals, from biotech, pharmaceutical, environmental and food to personal care companies.

Pharmaceutical research and development personnel use the analytical services laboratory to determine chemical compounds’ chemical and biological properties for further development and improvement. In addition, these testing services provide information about a drug candidate’s safety profile and its therapeutic or health impact.

What Analytical Testing Services do we Offer?

Analytical Testing Services by NorthEast BioLab

Firstly, NorthEast BioLab provides comprehensive services for drug discovery and development and chemical asset evaluation. These drug testing and analysis services provide various analytical techniques such as LC-MS/MS, LC/UV, LU/Fluorescence, ELISA Assay, Luminex, and Western Blot.

Our scientists use effective method development, transfer, setup and validation techniques to identify, separate and quantify drugs and metabolites in biological fluids. Bioanalysis or bioanalytical test

Biomarker test

Why Should you Choose us for your Analytical Laboratory Services?

Competent Analytical Laboratory Services for the R&D needs of Biotechnology and Cosmetics Companies

NorthEast BioLab has in-depth expertise in analytical testing laboratory facilities to perform in vitro and in vivo testing of chemicals and also evaluate their efficacy for intended therapeutic value. But we provide excellent characterization, purity, safety and efficacy analysis of your various chemical formulations by our in-house chemistry and biology experts. Our experienced team, with over 15 years of experience in an analytical services laboratory, has consistently developed due processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to streamline your drug testing and analysis. In addition. Given your primary goal of accelerated FDA drug approval. Because we are loyal to developing and validating robust bioanalytical methods according to FDA guidance.

Analytical Testing Services solve Disruptive Challenges

Innovatech Labs’ analytical testing services help our customers find a cause and a solution to many of their manufacturing and chemical problems. When working with us, your contact person will also be the lead test analyst for your project. So you get all the information straight from the source Innovatech Labs will give you more than a standard problem lab report. Our analysts have years of experience solving problems in various industries and environments. And will work directly with you to solve your materials analysis challenges.

However, We work with customers in many industries, from complex drive components to polymers and passivated metal substrates, from stents to stadium seats. Each client has unique needs and requirements. Here are some ways our services can meet your analytical needs:

  • Need to check the quality of a product purchased from a new seller? Our analysts can reverse effects to ensure consistency.
  • Have you observed cracks or turbidity in a polymer requiring expert analysis? We have analytical techniques to identify material problems with processes and blends. And also
  • Do you need to identify residual materials or stains on your products or components? Analytical tests do use to characterize and quantify contaminants.


Analytical testing service is the in-depth analysis of samples with biological, chemical and physical methods or advanced technology devices. It is accurate and fast to find traces of product contamination, including microbes, viruses, incident cells and reagents. Contamination is considered the main problem in the production process of biological and clinical products.


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