Guest Blogging Strategy – Guest blogging involves inviting someone from your business to write a blog that will be posted on your website. The writer will regularly work in the same industry as the organization or be an expert on topics related to that organization.

It can be a great way to work with others in the same industry, whether in business collaboration or with strategies such as affiliate marketing.

Guest Blogging Strategy Guide

Guest Blogging Strategy Guide

But if you use guest posting as a strategy, you must get it right. In the rest of this guide, we’ll walk through the steps to an influential guest blog. Here is a table of contents for easy navigation:

Guest Blogging Strategy Know Your Goals

Like any other marketing strategy, an effective guest blogging strategy starts with knowing your goals. After all, you need to know where you’ll get there.

Typical goals of a guest blogging strategy align with the benefits outlined above. They understand:

  • Drive traffic to a specific landing page (or your site in general) for more leads and sales
  • Promote your brand, products, and services.
  • Improve SEO by attracting inbound links
  • Location yourself as an expert to be quoted more often and obtain speaking engagements
  • Increase the number of email subscribers or your audience on social networks

It’s essential to have a goal in mind so that you can frame your bio appropriately and ensure that the resource people see when they arrive is what it promises. In addition, it is the best way to build trust with the new audience you are attracting.

Look for guest blogging opportunities – Guest Blogging Strategy

Do some market research and set goals, and before you start writing, you need to find a site that allows guest posting and eagerly searches for new content.

It would help if you had criteria when choosing sites to guest post on, including:

  • Relevance: the content of the site must be relevant or in your niche
  • Potential Audience – Site traffic will be interested in your industry
  • Good participation rate
  • Activity: the site owner is active on social networks

There are many ways to find suitable sites that accept your guest posts. Here we suggest some of the most popular methods.

Popular Guest Bloggers and Communities – Guest Blogging Strategy

Many well-known guest bloggers have succeeded in their guest posting pursuits, including Neil Patel, Marcus Sheridan, and Leo Widrich.

Since they have posted their content on multiple sites, it’s easy for you to find them using Google search with search queries including their names and the phrase “guest posted by.”

These sites should be the best places to start guest posting if it’s relevant to your niche.

You can also take summary report suggestions from some qualified bloggers like Peter Sandeen and Brian Keith May or significant sites.

Plus, if you know any guest bloggers in your industry, being introduced to the site owners will be a considerable boon to get you started.

Then, as there are millions of bloggers actively writing every day, there are also many platforms to meet the need to communicate, share and connect users who post all over the world.

You can search for the most popular sites using Google or any other search engine.

Many guest blogging communities are free for you. For example, in guest blogging forums, you can be someone looking for guest bloggers or posting on another blog.

People who want to get a social rating to boost their posts can also find a separate forum for their own needs.


Guest Blogging Strategy Several successful brands have shown guest blogging to be one of the most effective link-building tactics for SEO growth, says GoodFirm’s SEO Trends and Tactics Research. Therefore, it is never too late to explore and apply it to your content marketing strategy.