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What is IRL Streaming? – Famous, Equipment, and More

IRL Streaming streams all activities that are not video games or business. It includes everything from live streams of your talents or niche hobbies to vlogs about your travel adventures and everyday life.

This streaming activity is popular on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. However, the acknowledged king of IRL streaming is Twitch. You can find people reading online books for their audience, demonstrating new cooking recipes, or chatting with their viewers. Generally, IRL streams are more truncated than game streams, as the production style tends to be more straightforward.

In December 2016, Twitch formally launched its IRL category. This addition allowed the creators of IRL content to avoid fierce competition from gamers. Real-life streaming was becoming a niche, and Twitch’s decision to add this category helped build a community.

The streaming IRL category became so popular that Twitch had to split it into subcategories to accommodate all content creators. As a result, new types such as “Just Chat”, “Music”, “Art”, and “Food & Drink” have become some of IRL’s most popular spin-offs.

From the audience’s point of view, this update is beneficial for everyone. For example, the Just Chat category is now at the top of the charts with an average of 286,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch! The closest competitor is League of Legends, with nearly 250,000 viewers.

Famous IRL Streamers

If you thought only gamers and businesses could generate millions of views with live streaming, you weren’t alone. But IRL streaming has grown into a vast streaming genre, and some IRL streamers have found great success. Here are some of the most extraordinary stories.

1. Maya Higa

Although Maya Higa isn’t exclusively an IRL streamer, she consistently provides her audience with wholesome IRL content. What’s more, her most viewed clips are about nature and animals. For example, Maya took her audience to her workplace at a zoo, shared insights into caring for birds, and even introduced viewers to her beautiful horse. As a nature lover, Maya creates a lot of content about animals and conservation. Five hundred twenty-one thousand followers on Twitch proves Maya’s success with IRL streaming.

2. Trailer Hitch

Trevor “Hitch” Daneliuk is the most famous hiker on Twitch. He started hitchhiking across Canada in 2014 as a 19-year-old. And in 2017, he began streaming his escapades around the world on Twitch. Today, Trevor is still doing what he sweethearts most – travelling. Hitch has 102,000 followers and thousands of subscribers on Twitch, making him one of the top IRL streamers in the Travel & Outdoor category.

3. Domostanton

When it comes to more place IRL streams, Domostanton comes to mind. Dominike Stanton is a professional comics artist who enjoys sharing behind-the-scenes insights into his work. This phenomenal artist has worked with giants like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Boom! Studios. He has more than 22,000 followers and generates thousands of views daily.

4. Austin Show

If you thought the previous examples had many followers, you’re not ready for this next IRL streamer. With more than 1.5 million followers, the owner of AustinShow is quite the Spasm celebrity. Previously known as Rajjpatel, Austin streams game shows similar to the traditional TV reality shows we all know and some love, like The Bachelor and Imaginary. His performances have millions of views per seasoned episode, making AustinShow one of Twitch’s biggest IRL streaming hits.

Now that these successful IRL streamers inspire you to, let’s look at the united states and change into what it takes to become one.

What Equipment Need for IRL Streaming?

 IRL Streaming

In terms of features, IRL streaming does not differ from ordinary streaming. You may need additional decorations, like art or a travelling vlog, depending on your place. However, in general, you will need:

  • A Streaming Device
  • Streaming Software
  • A Stable Internet Connection

Let us dive into the basic streaming setup.

A desktop computer is the best option if you want to stream at home, and it gives you more control over video and audio quality. However, you need a smartphone or a GoPro camera if you’re pouring outside like many IRL streamers. To have the best setup for flowing on the road, consider buying an IRL backpack with cellular modems, battery packs, and camera lenses.

It would help if you also had a good (720p/60fps) video camera and a decent microphone to produce quality content. Although IRL streams tend to be less loud than gaming streams, viewers still value high video and audio quality. Therefore, additional investment in lighting and visual effects may be your future goal.

The next step is choosing the streaming software. Again, there are many options, but Restream Studio is one of the easiest to set up for IRL streaming. Our simple yet powerful tool is packed with features to help you produce professional live streams that will engage your viewers. With Restream Studio, you don’t have to choose a specific platform to stream – you can multistream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and other top platforms simultaneously!

How to Monetize IRL Streams?

Now that you’re ready to start your IRL streaming career, you might want some tips on monetizing your streams. But we must warn you: due to the existing competition, there is no quick way to make money as an IRL streamer. With that in mind, here are three proven ways to make money from IRL streaming.

1. Donations

The most common source of income for any IRL streamer (especially a beginner) is a donation from viewers. Make it extremely easy for your audience to show their appreciation by tipping you. You can use tools like DonationAlerts and similar services or add your PayPal and Patreon in your bio. Donations often decide whether streaming becomes a job or remains a hobby.

2. Subscriptions

Viewer subscriptions can be a good indicator of your success and a great source of income. On Twitch, you can encourage your viewers to sign up for either a $4.99, $9.99, or $24.999 seasoned month. Partnering with streaming platforms can benefit you, including extra money from subscriptions and higher support quality. Remember that to get more followers and subscribers, you need to stream consistently.

3. Brand Endorsements

If your channel gets big enough, companies might be interested in working with you. Influencer marketing is viral today, so some smaller channels also have a good chance of getting noticed. You can become a brand representative and promote the products in your live streams. Top streamers can earn thousands of dollars a month thanks to partnership deals with brands.


Live gaming streams, educational webinars, live business events, and classes. And then there are IRL streams, a whole different universe. Here, people can chat with viewers, create art, host reality shows, vlog travel adventures, or do whatever they want. IRL streaming can be exquisitely fun and profitable, and it requires little investment and allows you to share experiences with other people.

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