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Get to Know All About love is blind season 3


Love is blind season 3 – After finishing the incredibly worthy Love Is Blind series, you will be wondering the same thing that the other fans had on their minds on social media, like how is this show real? Producers of these films always select the craziest, wildest participants who create the most unlikely relationships.

Genres: Reality, Romance

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: Mar 24, 2023

Executive producers: Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, Eric Detwiler, Ally Simpson, Brian Smith

Love Is Blind Season 3 – Netflix

The Love Is Blind Season 3 of the popular reality series on Netflix, it features 30 single characters entering the cases in search of love.

The third season of the program love is blind is debuted on October 19. Although, The program continues the first two seasons’ format, in which competitors communicate and get connected through a wall known as the pods. After becoming engaged, the couples goes to the next phase of the experiment and they get to know each other before getting officially married.

Even though this season has only seven episodes. However, the five engagements have already been witnessed by viewers in previous chapters. According to Netflix, episode eight will be seen on November 2. Also, at that time, the audience will learn whether these couples selected to be married. On 9th November, the characters getting together episode will come.

Even though each couple has created a different bond between eachother, they all will travel in identical directions as they make their way from the pods to their shared honeymoon and then back to their hometowns. The new season of Love Is Blind is set here, and this is also where the couples’ honeymoons will be recorded.

When will the third season of Love Is Blind be released?


The first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season three will be available to view on October 19. The following three weeks is predicted to see the release of more episodes. 26th october we can see the premiere of episodes 5 to7, and on 2nd november we will see the premiere of episodes 8 to 11, and on 9th november  we will see the season finale and cast event. However, The official conclusion to the Season 3 case squad story will be the gathering.

The third season of Love Is Blind features what?

In the dating game show Love Is Blind Season 3, contestants make the decision to marry a stranger. As in previous seasons, particular matches meet in private pods(a type of wall) where the singles can only hear their dating partners voice. Also, behind a bright blue color wall, every touchable marker is hidden. Some participants walk away alone from the experiment. Whereas, Some people meet in the pods and become engaged after deciding to get married. The question is Will they still say “I do”, when their relationship is put to the test in the outside world, once it exits the safety of the pods?

Which Couple of Love Is Blind has had the most success?

Lauren and Cameron

The couple Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed are undoubtedly the program’s biggest successful story. The couple met while making a film at Atlanta’s inaugural season of Love is Blind in 2018. Although, the fact that Lauren is a content creator and Cameron is an Artificial intelligence scientist, they formed an instant connection.

Who is the season three villain of Love Is Blind?

Colonel Barton

Due to his deliberate disrespect towards his fiancée Zanab Jaffrey in season three of Love Is Blind, Cole Barnett was immediately turned into a villain. By proposing to her and treating her like the only woman in the world for him, he created a commitment to her while they were in the pods.

Who is the cast of the third season of Love Is Blind?

Though, Love Is Blind Season 3 will eventually reduce its cast due to engagement of couples who are about to get married, it begins with 30 singles eagerly trying out this rare method of dating. See the whole cast list below. To learn more about each of them, to know more about it vist our site, which contains bios, social media accounts, and information about their jobs and personal lives.

  • Tony
  • Dakota
  • Brennon
  • Zach
  • Dale
  • Simmer
  • Nash
  • Cole
  • Anthony
  • Matt
  • Bartise
  • Sikiru (aka “SK”)
  • Andrew
  • DaVonté
  • Julian
  • Ashley
  • Kalekia
  • Brannigan
  • Nancy
  • Chelsey
  • Colleen
  • Charita
  • Valerie
  • Amanda
  • Zanab
  • Raven
  • Alexa
  • Jessica
  • Loren
  • Kimberlee

Where was the third season of Love Is Blind shooted?

The candidates from Dallas City traveled to Los Angeles County for the pods, which marked the beginning of their romantic quests. After settling in the place, they met the hosts who are Nick and Vanessa Lachey, after the contestants enter the pods, where they are selected for dates without ever meeting the person.

The Cinemaholic claims that the pods are located in the LA North Studios film studio in Santa Clarita, a north  city of Los Angeles.

Check out the trailer!

In the Trailer, the cast of Love Is Blind will travel an emotional path, as seen in full Season 3 trailer. Cole admits in a confessional that dating as an adult has been one of the hardest things. He says “Am I really going to meet my wife in the grocery store?” When he says it that way, a pod sounds like such a strange place to meet your soul mate. For Love Is Blind Season 3, the trailer teases romance, conflict, and weddings, also a desperate need for tissues. Check it out above to get a sneak preview of the fun and difficulties of the newest Love Is Blind adventure.

Does Love Is Blind follow a script?

So, the show Love is Blind scripted or written production? According to the series creator Chris Coelen, the correct response is NO. Chris Coelen claimed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the show is so actual that there was concern that no one would get engaged in the first season.


The fourth season of Love is Blind is the most exciting yet and fascinating to watch. 26th March, 2023 4/5 Complete Review Love Is Blind’s current season has to rank among the wildest ones yet!

Season 4 of the program returns with more drama, greater risks, and genuinely significant talks on issues like race and money. It’s so fascinating to watch that you must not miss it. Therfore, Love Is Blind no longer has its power.

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