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What is SMS Marketing? You need to know all about SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing is new communication technology have promoted alternative forms of consumption, which have favored the design of marketing strategies based on sending SMS or SMS and whose main objective is to be present in the consumer’s life. In this sense, the SMS is essential to establish a direct communication channel between the brand and the client and a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Most of the population uses the mobile phone for all day-to-day procedures. So it makes sense for SMS to be the most direct line of contact, promoting SMS marketing as one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. Customers. As long as it’s done correctly. Text messages are primarily used to share updates, offers, or urgent alerts to people who have given their prior consent to receive such notifications.

Why is SMS marketing effective?

Why is SMS marketing effective_

SMS is one of the most helpful marketing channels available to you for several reasons:

  • The omnipresence of the mobile: Mass SMS sending is an effective means of reaching consumers directly. Also, if a link is included in the text, it helps to generate visits to your website.
  • Complement marketing strategies with email marketing: SMS and email marketing have differences in the execution of their plan, but they work perfectly together. It is recommend to use SMS to communicate urgent information, while email can use to report more meaningful content.
  • High open rate: SMS available rates are higher than email. Over 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt. SMS is beneficial for delivering urgent information with a high success rate.

How does SMS marketing work?

The netelip SMS sending service offers an alternative communication channel with your customers through a collaborative, secure, profitable platform without the need to intervene in your infrastructure, acquisition, and maintenance costs.

From netelip, there are two ways to send text messages. On the one hand, via the user panel, and on the other hand, via the netelip API, via an HTTPS interface.

What is SMS marketing used for?

SMS can be use in different ways. We’ve broken down some of the more common scenarios below to give you a better idea of ​​what mass texting can do and how it could help your business.

Short-term promotions for e-commerce

Promotions or discount coupons are a great way to attract more people to your website. If you run a promotion with a time limit, you must reach as many customers as possible. Therefore, text messages are an excellent channel to communicate these offers.

urgent updates

There can be many unexpected events and changes when planning and executing an event. Mass text messages allow you to communicate changes, cancellations, general information, or updates more effectively than email or other channels.

appointment reminders

If your type of business is by appointment, you know the frustration when a client is late. But it’s even more irritating when they don’t show up because it interrupts your schedule and wastes time and money. SMS reminders ensure customers don’t forget appointments and show up at the right time.

Who can benefit from using netelip SMS marketing?

Text messages are an additional element for any digital marketing strategy, regardless of the type of business, because their function is to communicate very urgent information in a very effective way.

But, there are types of businesses that shouldn’t avoid using bulk texting, such as:

  • E-commerce: e-commerce companies should consider using bulk SMS, whether to send promotional campaigns or order or delivery confirmations.
  • Travel Agencies: SMS is essential for travel agencies because customers need real-time information. It includes flight cancellations, last-minute updates, gate changes, weather alerts, etc.
  • Service businesses using appointments: Make sure customers never miss or miss their work by sending them text message reminders. It will work except for your time and money in case of no-shows and late appointments.
  • Companies with more than 100 employees: internal communication is essential. The use of mass SMS for internal communication is the best way to ensure that each employee receives the information at the right time.


Thanks to the excellent power SMS has acquired in recent years within marketing, the need for a provider capable of successfully managing SMS marketing campaigns has appeared on the market. Thus, the netelip company, founded in 2004, decided to update and optimize its products by creating a messaging service that allows you to send SMS at a single price, regardless of the destination country.

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