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What is B2b Content Marketing?


B2B content marketing mentions using content (written, video, audio, or other formats) to help a brand’s products and services to other businesses.

An example of B2B content marketing would be a software company (such as GatherContent) that uses content to promote. Its product to content agency owners and other large-scale content creation companies.

Most people (especially outside of the marketing world) are familiar with B2C (business-to-consumer). Marketing is when companies promote their products and services to consumers.

A great example of B2C content marketing would be a consumer brand company like Lowe’s using. Their YouTube channel promotes the store and its services to potential customers.

Audience Motivation B2b Content Marketing

Audience Motivation B2b Content Marketing

B2C audiences are often driven by their needs, wants, and motivations. However, for B2B buyers, although there is some emotional stimulation, most companies rely on data and reason to make their final decisions.

As a result, independent SaaS content marketer Michael Keenan believes that while “B2B ROI is money, B2C ROI is fun.”

Duration of the Sales Cycle – B2b Content Marketing

The B2B sales cycle and content marketing funnel are more complicated and longer than the average B2C cycle. For most consumers, it’s as simple as “seeing it → liking it → buying it,” no questions asked.

But with more expensive B2B products and leads that often need to convince multiple stakeholders, B2B sales can take a while. According to MarketingCharts, 74.6% of new B2B sales take “at least four months to close.” So it’s not exactly a view, click and buy situation. As such, the strategies should be slightly different for B2B marketing.


Another significant difference is the cost of B2B content marketing, Sandra Kaminska-Paciorek, brand and marketing manager for Nibble Video.

For example, most B2B copywriters charge twice as much as their B2C counterparts. Kaminska-Paciorek also compares the price of B2B ads on LinkedIn to those on Facebook or Instagram, which are popular B2C marketing channels. But, she says, “Because the investment is so high, most B2B marketers have to be much more careful with every penny they spend.”

Either way, you may sell to humans, but B2B marketing requires a different approach than B2C. So what do you need for B2B marketing that works?

The Ultimate Guide to Building your Brand with B2b Content Marketing

Successful B2B content marketing involves creating and promoting valuable, top-notch content produced by experts.

Perhaps even extra so than in the B2C space, victory with business-to-business means producing great content and understanding your audience, the content they want to consume, and how they want to drink it.

And we’ll teach you everything you need to know to build a solid strategy and take your business to the next level.

To do this, we’ve shattered down the B2B content marketing process from start to the quality and will cover the following:

  • Conduct research and develop a strategy.
  • How to identify and understand your buyer personas
  • Understand your sales funnel
  • Set goals for your content marketing efforts
  • Proven Content Formats That Labor for B2B Industries and also
  • Elevation tactics you can use to amplify your happy

There’s a lot to make content marketing work for any business. But as a B2B variety in 2020, the question is whether or not you can manage to pay to ignore this powerful tactic.

Stand out from the Competition – B2b Content Marketing

Now that you know the types of content your prospects want to see. It’s time to differentiate your business from competitors by offering a range. That helps explicitly solve your ideal customer’s problems and showcases. Your valuable support in a compelling way that your competitors can’t or won’t.

It’s a good idea to understand your competitors and the type of content they are pushing out into the universe to differentiate. Yourself is what makes your business more valuable. That doesn’t mean copying what they do in terms of content. But it doesn’t hurt to see what has worked for them and then implement similar strategies to showcase their solutions.

Accelerating and leveraging competitive intelligence research can help your business establish a shared information workflow that enables outage monitoring and decision-making. In addition, a solid strategy gives you a better chance of attracting your ideal customers away from the competition.


B2b Content Marketing It’s important to remember that creating an effective content strategy is an ever-evolving process. Therefore, you must stay proactive by constantly updating your content and goals as decision-makers needs, challenges, and buying habits change over time.

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