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Best Bitcoin Trading Robots 2022 – Cheapest Robots Revealed

The best bitcoin trading robots on the market allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies passively.

The robot package in question then trades Bitcoin based on pre-packaged algorithms it instructs to follow.

In this guide, we have reviewed the ten best bitcoin robot providers to consider in 2022.

List of Best Bitcoin Robots 2022

When choosing the best bitcoin robot for your needs, you need to research metrics like past performance, reputation, fees, and supported markets.

Our in-depth research revealed that the ten providers listed below offer the best bitcoin robots for 2022.

1. Bitcoin Prime – Best Overall Bitcoin Robot for 2022

Bitcoin Prime is a famous cryptocurrency trading robot that allows you to buy and sell digital currencies without market research. In addition, there is no need to place any orders as the Bitcoin Prime robot works autonomously.

For the most part, Bitcoin Prime trades BTC/USD but will also trade other pairs if the right opportunity arises. To gain contact with the Bitcoin Prime software, you must first open an account and make a minimum deposit of $250. After activating the robot, Bitcoin Prime will then start trading on your behalf.

2. Bitiq – Bitcoin Trading Robot with AI and Quantum Computing

The BitIQ team claims to own top-tier software capable of autonomously outperforming the bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency market. More specifically, BitIQ claims to have constructed its bitcoin transaction robot through two key technologies – AI and essential computing. The BitIQ robot will constantly evolve to adapt to current market trends.

3. Bitcoin Motion – Best Crypto Robot for Demo Exchange

Choosing the best bitcoin robot can be a challenging task – not least because it’s difficult to know whether the software will make you money or not. As such, Bitcoin Motion excels in offering a full-fledged demo platform. You can test the robot in simulated trading conditions without risking real money.

4. Bitcoin Era – Top Bitcoin Robot Software for High-Frequency Trading

Bitcoin Era claims to specialize in high-frequency exchange. It refers to a trading strategy that places tens or even hundreds of buy and sells positions every hour for those who don’t know. The overall goal of high-frequency trading is to make small but consistent profits throughout the day. Bitcoin Era gives you access to the platform’s high-frequency crypto robot without having to do the legwork.

5. Bitcoin Revolt – Bitcoin Day Trading Bot Established in 2017

Best Bitcoin Trading Robots

Next on our list of the best crypto robots is Bitcoin Revolution, founded in 2017. This crypto day trading machine claims to have a success rate of up to 60%. Bitcoin Revolution further notes that it proposes reinvesting 80% of retained earnings into the robot to maximize compound interest.

The least deposit required to get started with the Bitcoin Uprising robot is $250 – and you will not charge any funding or maintenance fees. However, a commission policy means Bitcoin Revolution keeps 2% of any profits its robot makes for you.

 6. Bitcoin Profit – One of the Best Bitcoin Robots for Mobile Use

Bitcoin Profit is worth considering if you want to trade digital currencies autonomously but prefer to track your investments on your smartphone. This free bitcoin trading bot has improved its website to ensure users can conveniently access their accounts from their mobile web browser.

It gives you the ability to see the performance of the bitcoin robot, but you can also customize the software settings and even deposit/withdraw funds while on the go.

7. Bitcoin Loophole – Robot Backed By Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Experienced cryptocurrency traders will use technical and fundamental analysis when doing market research. It simply means taking advantage of price trends as well as real-world news. And as such, Bitcoin Gap is one of the best crypto bots for this purpose, as the provider claims to use both the technology and fundamentals of the digital currency.

8. Bitcoin Code – Advanced Bitcoin Trading Robot App for Beginners

The team behind Bitcoin Code claims that while the underlying trading software is sophisticated, the app interfaces design with beginners in mind. It means you can access sophisticated trading algorithms without prior knowledge of the Bitcoin industry.

9. Quantumai – Bitcoin Software that Trades Over 300 Crypto Pairs

While many Bitcoin robots only focus on big pairs like BTC/USD and ETH/BTC, QuantumAI takes things to a whole new level. It is because the robot provider claims to trade over 300 crypto pairs. Therefore, this crypto robot could be an excellent option to diversify your portfolio into various markets.

10. Immediate Edge – Custom Made Bitcoin Robot Trading Service

Immediate Edge is the last provider on our list of the best bitcoin robots for 2022. This crypto robot stage claims to offer a customized experience in that it first walks you through the process of setting up your account parameters. It simply means that Immediate Edge will try to figure out your trading goals and how much risk you are willing to take.

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