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Bitcoin Prime – Pros and Cons, Work, Features, and More

Bitcoin Prime is a bitcoin trading robot that automatically uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to trade on your behalf. The platform claims to have a 90% success rate and is completely free – you only pay a small commission on your profitable trades.

So, is this cryptocurrency trading platform worth it? Our Bitcoin Prime review covers everything you need to know about trading with a crypto robot in 2022 and whether we’ve verified the platform’s high standards.

Bitcoin Prime’s Pros and Cons


  • Trades 14 different cryptocurrencies
  • Only worthwhile accounts pay a commission
  • Partnerships with third-party brokers to execute leveraged CFD trades
  • Ratings from current and previous users
  • Offers a demo account


  • It does not provide a cell app
  • Requires an initial deposit of $250
  • Only supports CFD trading

How does Bitcoin Prime Work?

It tracks price movements in 14 different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, ZCash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, IOTA, EOS, NEO, Binance Coin, and Ripple. So there is a decent amount of popular cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin Prime claims to be able to trade successfully.

When the algorithm finds a price pattern that it recognizes, it starts the trade. It enters an order into your brokerage account and then tracks the business as it progresses. When it’s time to consent to the position, It gives the order to do so, and all funds, including profits, are returned to your account (minus a 2% fee for profitable accounts).

Bitcoin Prime

It claims to be open 24/7.

One of the best things about Bitcoin Prime is that it offers a lot of educational resources as well as a demo account so you can learn how the algorithm works. Although Bitcoin Prime trading does not require much effort, you need to adjust the algorithm parameters to succeed in various market conditions.

Importantly, your funds store with a third-party broker. It can place orders to execute trades with the funds in your account, but it cannot access your funds directly. It could provide some security when using this service as only you have access to your funds. You can withdraw your money and get it paid out within a few hours.

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Key Features of Bitcoin Prime

Let’s take a look at some of the features that set Bitcoin Prime apart from other Bitcoin machines:

Supports Bitcoin CFDs

As one of the top bitcoin robots, It allows you to participate in the volatile crypto market via BTC CFDs. It includes both crypto crosses and currency crosses.

The crypto robot trades many of these cryptos as CFDs against other cryptos or fiat currencies.It can trade more than 75 crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat CFD pairs.

This wide range of trading pairs is essential because it creates more trading opportunities. Each crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat trading pair experiences unique price movements and exhibits different levels of volatility. So even if the market is relatively slow, It should be able to identify and execute trades.

Deep Learning Algorithm

It claims that its sophisticated AI algorithm continuously uses deep learning to improve its trading success constantly. The algorithm learns both successful trades and trades that result in losses so that you can trade more consistently and profitably in the future.

According to the Bitcoin Prime website, the algorithm was successful up to 90% in most market conditions.

Demo Trading Mode

It offers demo trading in addition, to live to trade. You can quickly shift between demo and live trading using the switcher in your online account dashboard.

Demo trading is crucial because it allows you to test different parameters for the Bitcoin Prime algorithm. For example, if the algorithm has only a 70% success rate on a given day, you can switch to demo mode, change some parameters, and see what needs to transform to bring the win rate closer to ninety%. Then, once you are satisfied with the algorithm’s performance, you can switch back to live to trade.

It typically only takes around 30 minutes of demo trading to identify the best algorithm parameters for all market conditions.

News Trading

Bitcoin Prime’s trading algorithm also claims to monitor market news feeds to stay ahead of the market. The platform looks for information that could significantly affect the price of any cryptocurrency or fiat currency and then issues trades around that news.

News-based trades can be very successful as Bitcoin Prime’s algorithm can react faster than most human traders.

Broker Partner

Have you ever wondered if there is another way to participate in the cryptocurrency market without going through a cryptocurrency exchange? It works with third-party brokers to keep funds in your account and complete trades. According to the site, the available partner brokers offer over 75 CFDs traded by Bitcoin Prime and do not charge excessive trading fees. When you subscribe to Bitcoin Prime, you automatically assign one of the many partner brokers based on your location.

Is Bitcoin Prime a Scam?

We wanted to answer one of the critical questions in our Bitcoin Prime review: is it a scam?

Bitcoin Prime’s unverified 90% win rate aligns with what similar cryptocurrency trading bots have achieved. But, we take not been able to confirm the claims of the Bitcoin trading platform independently. Please note that all investments in trading and cryptocurrencies come with risks and potential losses. Only invest capital that you can afford to lose.

The platform will rate on sites like Trustpilot and the testimonials offered by Bitcoin Prime itself. Still, we strongly recommend doing your research and weighing the potential risks before signing up and depositing funds on the platform.

  • Bitcoin Prime minimum deposit
  • Bitcoin Prime Customer Support
  • And also Bitcoin Prime trading platform

How to use Bitcoin Prime?

Ready to get started with Bitcoin Prime? We’ll show you how to sign up and start trading in just a few simple steps:

Firstly Step 1: Sign up for Bitcoin Prime

Step 2: Deposit money

Step 3: Optimize Bitcoin Prime

Finally Step 4: Start live trading


Bitcoin Prime is a cryptocurrency trading robot that claims to be able to automate trading in 14 different cryptocurrency markets 24/7. According to the site itself, the software continuously uses deep learning to improve its trading performance. There are no fees to use it, but deserving traders pay a 2% fee for platform support.

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