Clever tips India can be overwhelming, busy, and sometimes confusing. It will take time to adjust to the crazy energy of this remarkable place and learn how to stay healthy, safe and sane. However, although India is not the most accessible place to visit, it is among the most rewarding. It offers remarkable views like nowhere else in the world. It also provides delicious cuisine, incredible nature, warm and charismatic people and a rich cultural heritage that you will enjoy exploring.

Clever Tips for Traveling in India

1. Don’t Try to Take up too Much Space

One of the top tips I can give you for your travel in India is to add just a few stops to your itinerary and spend more time on each one rather than trying to take up too much space during your trip.

Sometimes just wandering around a bustling Indian city can attack the senses, so you should make time for rest and recovery in your itinerary. If you try to do too much in too little time, you will experience burnout and fatigue.

Instead, take your time and explore fewer in-depth destinations – you’ll have a more enjoyable trip. You will also have more opportunities to connect with locals and have exciting experiences.

2. Prepare for Culture Shock – Clever Tips

When you first arrive in India, you are guaranteed to experience culture shock. There’s no point in annoying to fight it. Instead, prepare and accept that things won’t be the same as when you get home. Try to open your mind and give permission to your prospects at home.

3. Bring the Traveler’s Diarrhea Pills – Clever Tips

Unfortunately, one of the everyday experiences many travellers to India face is the dreaded “Delhi Belly”. No matter how watchful you are, your body will not get used to the different kinds of bacteria found in water and food in India. For this reason, it is helpful to have travel diarrhoea medicine with you before you need it.

If you expect to feel sick already, you won’t want to walk away from the toilet and search the streets for pharmacies. A good drug does call loperamide because it reduces your symptoms by slowing your bowel movement. However, if your stomach problems persist for more than three or four days, see a doctor, as you need an antibiotic.

4. Go Beyond Cities

While India’s big cities like Delhi and Mumbai are exciting, it’s also worth getting out of the cities and visiting some of India’s smaller villages. With the slower pace, the air will be cleaner, and you will gain a different perspective on Indian culture.

5. Protect Yourself and Dress Conservatively

Even though it is hot in India, walking around in a miniskirt or cleavage is unacceptable. It’s a conservative destination, and you’ll draw a lot of unwanted attention to yourself when you dress openly. It’s also disrespectful to dress like that if you’re visiting a religious place like a temple. Bring light, long pants, a shirt that covers your shoulders and a shawl or sarong to cover your cleavage.

6. Take off your Shoes Before Entering the Temple

Many temples will require you to remove your shoes before entering. It is why it is advisable to wear shoes that are easy to put on and take off, such as sandals. If you’re worried about your shoes being stolen from the front of the temple while you’re inside, you can keep them in your backpack or give a few rupees to the temple guard to keep watch.


Clever Tips: Using your phone while travelling in India will make things much more manageable. You’ll be able to search directions on Google Maps, read TripAdvisor reviews before heading to a restaurant, quickly browse travel websites on the go for advice and scam alerts and much more. When you arrive, getting a SIM card with data on your phone should be one of your top priorities.