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Content Marketing in Boring Industries


I often see a complaint from boring industries business owners that their industry is too dull for the market. But, of course, it’s no surprise to hear this when every content marketing case study you get is about exciting and visually pleasing industries.

Fortunately, it is possible to market it can often be very active. Many of your competitors will have given up and definite it wasn’t possible, making qualifying incredibly easy.

What is Content Boring Industries Marketing?

What is Content Boring Industries Marketing_

Content marketing is about creating great content and presenting it to the right people. They will visit your website, share the content and generate backlinks to your website.

That means traffic, social shares, and links that will help you rank and drive more traffic. As you can imagine, content marketing can significantly impact your business results.

Lean on Other Niches – Boring Industries

One of the best ways for businesses in boring industries to use content marketing is to take advantage of industries that aren’t boring. For example, maybe you have a cleaning business; You can explain why cleaning is necessary for allergies in children or how long it would take to clean the White House.

Maybe you are building steel beams; you can see how many are in the tallest buildings in the world or compare your real-life experience with building simulation video games.

The idea is to find a happy medium between your own business and a more attractive and marketable industry, that way, and you can stay relevant and create general content.

Create Guides for the Average Person

Many boring industries are boring because they don’t cater to consumers. Maybe you work with other companies or only a tiny percentage of the population.

Regardless, there are thousands of people trying to DIY their niche. For example, if you’re a gardener, you can create guides to teach people how to mow lawns or care for roses.

This content offers tremendous value to the people who read it, and nearby is a much greater incentive for them to share it with others who may also be interested in gardening.

You might think that encourages people to DIY instead of paying for your business, and maybe a tiny percentage think that way. However, most people have already decided whether to do this or pay someone else. But this content can help you build links that will improve your rankings and attract more customers.

Infographic and Video

If you’ve exclusively created written content, you may want to consider expanding to videos and infographics. For example, writing about steel beams isn’t particularly exciting, but many people would watch videos on how they’re made.

If your business is visually attractive in any way, videos and photos can be highly engaging to people, and it’s easy to share content.

On the other hand, you can create an infographic with lots of facts and data about your industry.

Boring Industries add Personality

Don’t be afraid to insert your nature into your content. Too many companies think they have to be just as dull as their biggest international competitors. Many customers choose to shop close by because they prefer the personal approach.

Write the way you would talk and tell a joke from time to time. It will make even the most boring theme a bit lighter and hopefully more shareable.

If you’re looking to stretch yourself, you can create videos of yourself talking about the topic and combine them with the article. It also allows you to post it on YouTube, generating additional exposure.

Tell a Story of Boring Industries

You’re bound to have a story even if you work in the most uninteresting industry. After all, you are human, and funny or interesting things happen to all of us. You can create a live video of yourself telling the comic story and share it with the world. It works incredibly well with builders and other workers who, for some reason, seem to have more comic stories than the rest of the world put together.

Of development, it’s important not to say anything that might damage your reputation, but a light story will have a personal note and can help humanize your business.


Most people in Boring Industries reading this article will not be marketers. So you need to test various forms of content your target audience will be interested in and monitor the engagement they receive. You should regularly review the performance of your site content, social media posts/advertisements, email campaigns, and any other content marketing activities you currently run.

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