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10 Apps to Checked Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account

Instagram Stalkers: Instagram is the most popular image and video-sharing social media webpage. Its outstanding features are the foremost reason for its popularity. Now Instagram is part of Facebook, so people love it. If you use Instagram, you can view any member’s profile. But, many of us wish to know who viewed my Instagram profile and Instagram trackers.

On Instagram today, almost all celebrities are connected by followers and share their social lives. Instagram also helps businesses, marketers, site owners, and bloggers become a brand.

10 Apps to Checked Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account

Methods to Uncover Instagram Stalkers

The search has brought up some good ways to check who is stalking my Instagram profile available. This article will let you know how to see who watched your Instagram. I’m not saying spend money on who is watching your Instagram story and other shares. It’s free, free, free.

Reasons to know your followers and who watched my Instagram.

The central inquiry is, why do you want to check who is watching and stalking your Instagram version.

People are crazy about abundance and popularity. Even school and college scholars want to be famous and check their popularity.

If you can check who is stalking you all on Instagram, that helps quantity your approval.

Instagram stalkers and followers are usually good, but you don’t have to be lenient about your safety. Sometimes stalkers can also be dangerous.

Android Apps To See Who Viewed My Instagram

Below are the top 10 ways to find out who views my Instagram for free.

1. Profile + Track Followers and Profiles

Using Profile+ Followers & Profile Tracker, you can see who is viewing your Instagram profile. It is possible to track stalkers who follow you, unfollow you or block you on Instagram and view and save your Instagram stories and races. It can guide you to notification for all activities. You can get stats for any profile and pin your favorite Instagram profiles to create your timeline.

After testing, I found that this utility gives a better idea of ​​who is viewing my Instagram profile. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. You can quickly know the stalkers on your Instagram profile.

2. Followers Analyzer for Instagram Software

It is interesting to understand who views your Instagram side view. I know you want to know –

  • How do you see who is viewing your Instagram profile?
  • How do I see who has viewed your Instagram post or pix?
  • Also, How to see who saw your Instagram story?
  • How to see who watched your Instagram video?

3. Followers Insight for Instagram, Tracker, Analyzer App

This software generates regular reports on who is stalking my Instagram. Yes, it helps to know who is harassing me on Instagram.

This free Instagram stalker software sends a push notification when someone has engaged with your Instagram ebook, story, or video.

4. reports – Followers, Stories Analyzer for Instagram

If you want to try more packages, you can’t ignore reports – Followers, Story Analyzer for Instagram, which helps to know who views your Instagram or viewed your Instagram profile and stories.


  • See who views your Instagram profile.
  • See who is viewing your Instagram story but not your followers.
  • Give you an overview of new subscribers, ghost subscribers, and lost subscribers.
  • See who is spying on your Instagram story.
  • Download guides, videos, and profile pictures.
  • Know when is the best time to share your posts and stories

5. Find My Stalker – Follower Analytics for Instagram

Instagram Stalkers

Don’t worry; if you have an inquiry – can you see who’s viewing your Instagram story? This Instagram Stalker software will help you.

How to see who regarded your Instagram story? Many Instagram users rely on the correctness of this Instagram Stalker utility. This one recommends if you want to know who viewed my Instagram profile and anecdotes. As the name suggests, it can provide insight into Instagram ghosts, followers, and stories.


  • Understand who watched your Instagram profile.
  • See who has covertly confirmed your profile picture.
  • See who your friends, fanatics, and sneaky followers are.
  • Also, see reviews of your rides and videos, most and least viewed guides, and videos.

6. Follow Meter for Instagram

Followermeter allows trailing of your Instagram sections and non-followers.

You can say it’s an Instagram manager. Users can manage Instagram followers and get detailed information about their Instagram accounts.

What you can do with FollowerMeter-

  • Know who viewed my Instagram profile in mystery
  • Discover your ghost fans
  • Find who likes your posts
  • Check who followed and unfollowed you
  • Gain more subscribers thanks to l. A. Discovery section

Believe it or not, 3 million users hope FollowMeter.

7. Stalker Reports – Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

I love the Stalker Reports app because it gives the most accurate results on who viewed my Instagram story. You can install this excellent utility to discover stalkers in your Instagram account. It is not complex to download, connect and use this utility.

8. Visitors Pro App

The question stalks me. Headed. How to see who is viewing your Instagram profile? Who has seen my Instagram photos? Who has seen my Instagram story? The answers install on the “Visitors Pro” software.

Just install this software and leave it. A. Collect your Instagram data. After reflex calculations, you can check the accurate results of stalkers who viewed your Instagram profile. You will know who is most interested in your pictures and stories. It is how this software helped me understand who viewed my Instagram account the most.

9. Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers

After installing the “Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis” utility, you can collect reports about followers who check and stalk your Instagram account and are interested in your Instagram stories and runs.

It’s lovely to see who views your Instagram account with this utility. It can tell you about followers interested and engaged in your Instagram guides.

Can I see who is viewing my Instagram guides? Yes, you can. All options for running and using the utility are straightforward. The app works quite quickly. Beginners can easily use it. It is one of the best apps to find your stalkers on Instagram.

10. Profile + Unsubscriber Analysis

Don’t get the name wrong. He can do almost anything for you. The “Profile + Unfollowers Analysis” app is there if you want to test more. A. Best choice. You can continue to follow those who regularly view or stalk your Instagram account. Can I see who views my Instagram pics if you are still in shape? The answer is yes.

This free app has a reasonable user boundary. You will not be disturbed.


  • Get comprehensive information approximately who watched your Instagram profile.
  • Track too examine your Instagram supporters.
  • Get your Instagram story analytics – who viewed your Instagram story.
  • See who unsubscribed you.
  • See follow-up requests pending by you.
  • Pin profiles and messages for quick access.

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