Software and technology occupy every aspect of our lives, including marketing technology stack. Formerly analog processes can now be digitized and made more efficient. As a result, you can increase your team’s productivity and bottom line with the right digital marketing technology stack.

We’ll walk you through building a complete marketing technology stack and share our recommended tools to get you started.

What is a Marketing Technology Stack?

What is a Marketing Technology Stack_

The marketing technology stack is a set of software tools that teams use to support and streamline their marketing operations. It typically includes a range of products to manage various aspects of digital marketing, from ideation and content production to search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management.

How to Build a Smarter Marketing Technology Stack?

With over 9,000 marketing technology stack tools available, choosing the most suitable one can be difficult. That’s why knowing how to build a stack that will meet your team’s needs without depleting your entire budget is helpful. Here are three main criteria to keep in mind.

Choose Versatile Tools

As with any toolkit, software tools are most valuable when they perform more than one function. Therefore, working with multiple devices pays off when choosing suitable options for your stack. For example, using a social media management tool that schedules posts to all your social media platforms is more convenient than using a device that only works with one or two platforms.

Consider Software Compatibility

Marketing automation is key to increasing your team’s productivity. Automation can reduce marketing costs by 12.2%. But automation only works when there is integration. So choose software that works well with others. The most compatible software tools are usually industry standard options, so it’s best to stick with the known path whenever possible.

Focus on Ease of use

What’s the point of using reputable software that isn’t user-friendly? A learning curve is standard, but you should be able to train your team to use your stack in a reasonable amount of time. With responsive customer service teams, the software also makes it easy to accept and handle bugs and issues.

Our Recommended Marketing Technology Stack

With these factors in mind, we’ve compiled a list of reputable marketing technology stack tools to make your marketing process transparent and more efficient. However, before adopting these tools, ensure they meet your team’s specific needs. If unsure, ask for product demos and compare them to alternatives before committing.

Content Marketing Platform: Gather content

Content is an essential part of any marketing strategy, and using different platforms for different stages of your content production process can be overwhelming. It is where content marketing platforms come in.

GatherContent (that’s us!) is the ultimate content hub to manage your content production, from planning to publishing. Use our editorial calendar feature to plan blog content, quickly write various content forms with our content templates, and edit them in conjunction with our editor feature—no need for messy spreadsheets and documents.

A Website Content Management System

Having an online presence is almost mandatory these days. And despite the power of social media. There’s no substitute for a website where you have complete control over how your brand is presented.

Enter the website content management system. This software gives you a dedicated online space to showcase content related to your business, such as a resource blog, e-commerce pages, and training videos.

And guess where your marketing campaigns are likely to point when marketing your business offerings? You got it. Your website’s content management system can host the landing pages you create for your campaigns.


Marketing technology stack when running social media campaigns on multiple platforms at the same time, you will quickly realize that it is difficult to log into each forum separately. A social media management tool removes this hassle by allowing you to create and manage your campaigns across various social platforms in one place.