I used to question the power of wellness retreats. At first, it felt like a vacation with added wellness elements, like a yoga session or a healthy smoothie in the morning. But that didn’t seem to bother me.

And when I was feeling at my lowest point in life – bouts of anxiety, constant stress + sleepless nights, heartbreak, + loss – I wasn’t sure a retreat would help me feel connected to life and others who understood me.

I could make all the healthcare wellness retreats on my own.

I could make all the healthcare wellness retreats on my own.

Also, spending a few days with strangers made me doubt. I wasn’t sure if I liked one of them or understood what I was going through.

And having to stick to a schedule – what if I don’t like some of our activities? What if it gave me anxiety because I didn’t feel prepared? These were all thoughts that kept me from retreating for years.

In my life, I also have therapy, spiritual healing sessions, diets, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, etc. I would spend thousands of dollars on it. What would work?

Wellness retreats. Unique healing spaces, a deliberate program, delicious food, and time spent with my teacher at the time + retreat leader helped me make a BIG leap in my transformation in just four days.

Withdrawals are distraction detoxes (AKA food for your soul). – wellness retreats

It makes a retreat utterly different from a vacation. You are in a space dedicated to helping you reset, relax, and take a step back from the habits, patterns, and stressors you can still easily escape while on vacation.

Withdrawals connect you to yourself. – wellness retreats

Even if you are hesitant to take a vacation alone, retreats are perfect for doing it alone. It’s regular and encouraging. So you can take the drama and stress out of considering others, making plans with others, and just showing up. I made all the retreats I did as a solo participant, and it enhanced my experience because I was entirely in my region. In addition, it connected me with new people who are now lifelong friends.

Break the unhealthy wellness retreats + unwanted habits.

I’ve heard from so many people in the last 1.5 years (pandemic period) that their motivation in at least one area of ​​their life has dropped drastically. It makes sense – life has been completely turned upside down for most people, and we had to figure it out while doing it.

With so many collective unknowns, we live in collective anxiety, which means our rapid stress responses (eating, Netflix overeating, not exercising, binge skipping, binge-scrolling, and maybe even hitting your old toxic) are high.

Spending time in a nature-based environment that not only frees you from bad habits but also surrounds you with truly relaxing, uplifting, and genuinely healthy experiences/environments/foods may be the reset you need to get you back on track—your life.

You will meet like-minded people.

Participating in retreats taught me that my fear of feeling “forced” to spend time with people I don’t like is completely irrelevant. (again, when you choose RIGHT retirement). Suppose you sign up for a weekend or one-week experience with an itinerary filled with health and healing activities and practices (yoga, meditation, healthy eating, reflection time in nature). In that case, other people who sign up will be interested, too—these things.

What amazes me the most is that I befriend people for reasons other than our shared interests in improving our health + happiness.


Wellness retreats improve your physical and mental health. It offers a different path for inspiration and positivity. They can help you discover a new spiritual practice, a new hobby, or gain a more profound sense of passion for life.

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