The appetite for men’s care grooming trends and skin care products is more significant than ever – with an estimated global market value exceeding £41 billion and will grow another 10% over the next five years. Indeed, about half of this expenditure is still spent on traditional shaving products and tools, hair care, and styling, but the rest is mainly spent on skin care products, body care, skin care appliances, and in some countries, makeup.

New, innovative brands are constantly emerging and offering exciting new products that promise anti-aging efficacy, rejuvenated skin, and healthier overall skin.

Botanical Skincare Grooming Trends

Botanical Skincare Grooming Trends

Natural skincare went from a niche market to a mass market almost overnight. But, overall, there’s a bit of a 50/50 split between those who like natural products and those who prefer the more active, AHA and retinol-based lines: botanical skincare strives to close that gap.

Harnessing the power of botanicals, plant stem cells, and medicinal plants, this new wave of brands presents the power of active skin care grooming trends with the gentleness of naturalness. British brand Wildsmith Skin has combined nature and science to create a range of products that use the latest bio-actives, botanicals, and plant-derived minerals, as well as clinically proven encapsulated oxygen delivery systems. – they call it Radical Botany.

Drug Estate (pronounced Reeg) is North Wales, the home of Lord Newborough, with a past dating back to the 11th century. Wild Beauty by Rrug is a skincare line made with all-natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Many of which are harvested themselves. Grooming trends With careful formulation, they have created ethical and practical products.

The French brand Algologie extends the concept of botanical care to more humid scrubs.

Grooming Trends Skincare Devices

The last few years have witnessed the insatiable rise of intelligent skincare devices. These professional quality instruments are designed for home use, the clinic of your bathroom. But, of course, increasing popularity, evolution, and development resulted in the best and most effective range of gadgets ever.

LED therapy has long been discuss in respectful tones for its effectiveness in treating acne, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, and wrinkles without causing skin irritation or stress – and the hype is real. While the effects may take a little longer to appear than with traditional acid-based treatments, regular use of the LED mask will give you rejuvenated, Grooming trends clearer and firmer skin. Going further is enjoying the glory of Lyma’s Skin Laser.

This medical-grade laser, the first of its kind, not only cleanses, soothes, and tightens the skin but transforms it. Used for fifteen minutes a day, the device attacks and destroys wrinkles, scars, acne, rosacea, pigmentation, cellulite, spider veins, and bruises.

Dermal Fillers

Injectables, ‘fits,’ and botox has become commonplace recently. Men are now embracing the temporary improvements these treatments can offer – and the most popular is dermal fillers. And also according to Facelab’s Zeynep Aslan Aesthetics. Create a squarer chin and a flatter nose. Men want that hyper-masculine, very defined face shape. He say which can be achievs by using hyaluronic acid fillers to create a sharp jawline. Smooth and define the bridge of the nose. Even buff against the dark circles under the eyes. It shows collapsed and empty”.

Fillers are inject deep into the dermal (middle) layer of the skin. And also creating a volume that can give the effect of a squarer chin, fuller lips. Or a flatter nose with just one needle. Dermal fillers can last for months, depending on how quickly your body absorbs hyaluronic acid. So your new look can be maintain with just two or three clinic visits each year.


This growth in grooming trends has been attribute to more men getting an education on skincare ingredients, efficacy. And also application—not to mention the defeminization of product packaging, gender-neutral marketing. And (possibly) a makeup boost related to Zoom meetings.